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Topic: Rants My name is might have been... my name is never was
07:09pm, Tuesday 30 Oct 2001
Song of the Day: Celebrity Skin - Hole

I don't really know what to say, so I'll just say what comes to mind.

Topic: Rants I went for a walk on a winter's day
11:36pm, Monday 17 Sep 2001
Song of the Day: The Mamma's & The Pappa's - California Dreaming

Gah, so Italy is kind of alright. Sorry for those of you who have expected to hear from me,

Topic: Rants Leave it to the other girls to play...
07:12pm, Saturday 21 Jul 2001
Song of the Day: Portishead - Glory Box

Not good enough, too hard, what's the difference? I'm fucked no matter which way I go. Thanks for sticking around, not.

Topic: Rants It's a bittersweet symphony, this life
07:38pm, Monday 2 Jul 2001
Song of the Day: The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

I should be elated. I should be jumping in the air with joy.. why aren't I?

Topic: Rants In the middle of a dream..
07:27pm, Friday 29 Jun 2001
Song of the Day: Paul Kelly - Dumb Things

I like beer. I like it even more when it gets me drunk quickly.

Topic: Rants Have you ever been touched, once really touched.. Could it ever be too much?
10:13am, Friday 29 Jun 2001
Song of the Day: Once - Van Halen

.. Can you tell me?


Topic: Rants How can it feel this wrong, from this moment, how can it feel this wrong?
06:33pm, Friday 22 Jun 2001
Song of the Day: Portishead - Roads

I can't do this. It's gone to hell. Where has all my strength gone?

Karma has paid me back, big time. More...

Topic: Rants She strikes another useless match..
11:07am, Friday 15 Jun 2001
Song of the Day: The Black Sorrows - Harley & Rose

For the last few weeks, I've felt the need to constantly reassure people to avoid miscommunication. Over and over again I state my case thinking that maybe this one time, words won't escape me, the pieces will fall into place and they'll say "oh! I get it now!" but it never happens.

Topic: Rants You made my mascara run
01:34am, Saturday 26 May 2001
Song of the Day: Powderfinger - Up & Down & Back Again (predictable)

My friends mean the world to me. I never, ever treat their sadness or need with the contempt you do. Breaking a nail indeed! My friends know my worth. You know nothing.

Topic: Rants The Internet made me do it.
08:46pm, Thursday 24 May 2001
Song of the Day: Fatboy Slim - Right Here

Today was the worst most fucked up stressy day in the history of my working life. Sometimes I really love my job (most times) but other times, the ponorkals around me make me think of getting a firearms licence.


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