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11:56am, Monday 25 Feb 2002
Song of the Day: Frenzal Rhomb - You are not my friend

Me - "I swear, sometimes I feel like a magnet"
VBG - "You're a *fuckwit* magnet"

And so it goes..

I was thinking today about use-by dates on secrets. You know, someone tells you something really personal, a secret, and makes you swear that you won't tell anyone else. Sometimes, they don't make you swear.. by the very nature of what you're divulging it is obvious that it isn't something you'd want to tell the world.

So what happens when you no longer associate with the person who told the secret?

Does this mean the secret now has a use-by date? "SECRET UNTIL Jan 2002" ?

And how far do you take keeping the information a secret? Should partners have no secrets about people outside the relationship? What if you acquired the secret before you even got together with your partner? Does this mean that anything you ever knew about anybody should be divulged to your partner?

The answer is no. A secret is an institution. It does not have a use by date. It does not get shared with a new partner.

And it certainly does not get shared for the purposes of making yourself seem more popular. When you tell secrets about other people, you're riding on their coattails for popularity. You can't even be popular in your own right. And as everyone knows - theres nothing more pathetic than an imitation.

From the quotebook...

"IRC has always been a hive of skumm and villainy, (you) have to be careful what you tell people, especially the ones that don't actually have a genuine life and have nothing better to do than to cause grief for everyone else and have never actually experienced the fact that your actions have consequences."

Real friends know this to be true and avoid it at all costs.

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