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Topic: Rants No one heard a single word you said...
08:47am, Monday 4 Feb 2002
Song of the Day: Bon Jovi - Runaway (!)

February 14 is fast approaching.

Every year I'm moaning about Valentine's Day.. yeah I hate it like a lot of people, but mostly I hate how people talk about it so goddamn much. This one day holds so much importance that if you're single, fuck, stay the hell out of the shops! Never mind that you had a relationship for the other 364 days of the year.. if you're single on Valentine's Day, you may as well be dead.

I guess I'm feeling a bit angsty about it not just because I'm single, but because of where I was last Valentine's Day. Last Valentine's Day I was writing webpages and (not so) silently stalking Café Boy. Last year I hadn't yet met mikeormark, this time last year I was a different person. Who knew?

I haven't touched my hard copy journal for months. Last attempt at reading it ended up with me throwing it against and a wall and wondering where the hell this whiny, vapid, neurotic female came from. But this year, I'm going to read it again. Learn from past mistakes, right?

Has it really been a whole year? Have you really had that much of an affect on my life? Was I really just another (tiny) blip on the radar that is your conscience? Because I was worth more than that? Yeah. Sure. Just look at you now.

Disjointed? Fuck yeah. Where is your entertainment now?

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