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Topic: Rants I want you.. but I'm not giving in this time.. goodbye to you
08:07pm, Saturday 24 Nov 2001
Song of the Day: Michelle Branch - Goodbye to you

Thanks to the ever-delightful Zoe for song of the day.

It's been a big week. Well, a big month if you really want to look at it that way. Thankfully, I've had people rallying around me like they hadn't before.

Today's rant is actually a thank you to my friends and family who have been supportive to me during some of the darkest days I can remember..

Zoe.. you're the best a girl could have, even if ya do cancel on me and forget my birthday present :p

Mike..thanks for the turnip jokes, "laser" guided smart bomb and an ability to let me whine without interjecting with some sort of reason. (At least for the first 5 minutes :)).. You're an attractive and intelligent woman, Baylsalaya.

Nicole.. thanks for 2am phone call, the bastard update and giving me an out should I choose to venture to the "other side" ;)

My wonderful sister, Sarah who never fails to say or do something to make me laugh. (Like the time she mooned Mike at Blockbuster... all class :))

And finally, although not least important, thanks to Garth for being my funky virginal voice of reason. (And for forgiving me for Visual Basic).

It might not be so bad, after all.

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